Friday, August 25, 2006

Who would have guessed?

So, I never thought it possible to miss Utah. No offense to our wonderful friends, the 99.9% likelihood that your neighbors are nice LDS people, the beautiful mountains, and a family-friendly culture. I miss UTAH so much it hurts. I have cried a few cries, and then I made cinnamon rolls which only made the miss slightly better until the sugar kicked in, and then I felt, well, fat! So, I ate another one. Needless to say, the cycle ended there. Except the loneliness part. I miss you Utah. Who would have guessed? But, I do. I miss you desperately. I miss having a ward of 60 youth. I miss everything about you. Except, your yucky winters, but then again, Nebraska's winters are even yuckier. So, I miss your yucky winters. Well, we will see what happens. So far, I'm in a state of miss. That's that.