Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sweet Two Year Old

One time someone, with my best intentions in mind, said to me, "Maybe the reason Heavenly Father isn't sending you any more kids right now is because you have Henry." That being said, my feelings were not hurt. I know that while Henry is an energetic, lively, on-the-go, rambunctious, non-sitter-downer, he is also wonderful, grateful, polite, kind, and loving.
Today when we were sitting down (yes, we were sitting down for lunch) I was feeding baby Jacob a bottle, and Henry in his precious two-year-old voice started to sing,

Go da sweep
Go da sweep
Go da sweep, Baby Jacob
An angel
um um heh-ven
Go da sweep, go now.

I giggled that instead of singing Go To Sleep Right Now, that he sang go now! But, David and I sat at the table, and as we looked at each other ,we just cried because of the strong spirit inside our Henry's body. Henry is the first to kiss things better. He loves to lock me out of the house, and ask for the password. He loves to chase me for his fruit snack and his blanket. He loves to climb out of bed and ask me to lay by him. he loves t give bear hugs, and he was born with a mischievous smile, that sometimes gets him in to trouble!
Henry, we love you so much. You are our constant reminder that God is a God of miracles, and that He loves us very much. You are a good boy Henry Louis.