Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adoption Sunday

Who knew that there was a stake calling to work with birthmothers?
I didn't.
Until Sister T asked me if I could help her with her calling
and speak to three sacrament meetings about the blessings of adoption.
There is only one problem:
I only get 10 minutes in each meeting.
I have never been so excited to speak in sacrament meeting.
And, to make it even better,
we will be spending Saturday with our Joanie Girl.
We are so excited to see her.
We are so excited to tell her again how much we love her;
to tell her how blessed we are because of her sacrifice.
We invited her to Henry's first birthday party,
and we hope she comes.
I wrote her a song about this entire journey.
She is the reason I can speak about adoption in church on Sunday.
She is the reason I have a voice on the blessings of adoption.
She is a blessing to our family.
We love you Joanie Girl.
Yes, I still need to post pictures of our trip to Arizona.

Those are coming soon, but David has been
working on a presentation,
a 30 page paper,
trying to sell our house,
and finding a job,
So I figured the pictures needing to be downloaded could wait.
Anyways, here is to about 6 weeks left of Law School

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We Love You Sweet Boys....

Hi Sweet Boys. We saw some AMAZING things in Arizona today.
Here is another picture of cactus. Aren't these Awesome-possum!

Daddy took another picture of a school bus because it was so close.
Maybe someday you boys can ride on a school bus...
Look at this Castle. Who do you think lives there???
Yikes! What is it? A Tyrannosaurus Rex.

We miss you a lot.
We love you tons bit in the whole world.


Mama and Daddy

Monday, March 16, 2009

Guess what we saw today...

Hi Sweet Boys,

We love you TONS BIT,
and we thought about you when we saw all these wonderful things.

What is that in the sky? You are right! An airplane!

Oh My Goodness! Can you even believe it! A super-duper fast motorcycle!

Daddy is saying that he loves you soooooo much.

Mommy loves you guys the most ever in the whole world.

This is a saguaro cactus. It has sharp pricklies on it!

We will talk to you tomorrow.
We love you
(that is extra hugs and kisses for you.)


Mama and Daddy

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hi Sweet Boys....

We love you sooooooooooo much! Thanks for your letter about your new favorite show. We are so excited for you to show us the comet in the sky. We want you to know that we have been thinking about you good boys all day. Here is what we did today:

We found Uncle Jaush Aunt Amy, Cannon, Carsen, and baby Isaac who says hi to Lincoln Log and Baloo.

We saw a tee-pee. (This is where Peter Pan's friends, the Red Men sleep.)

Can you believe it? We found a school bus on the top of school bus mountain. (You can sing "on the top of Dragon Mountain if you want to)

Just in case you boys need to know how much we love you, just look at these pictures and know that We love you. (Can you do this with your hands?)

Daddy Loves you Tons Bit.

We can't wait to talk to you on the phone. Be the good boys we know you are.


Mama and Daddy

Dear Lincoln and Henry...

Since we are so far away, we thought we would show you what we have been doing. We want you to know we love you Tons Bit, and we miss you. Here are the things we saw yesterday while we were driving. Lincoln, maybe you can tell Brother what these pictures are.

Can you believe it? A FLOCK OF BIRDS!

This was a big statue we saw of a nice cow. He has HUGE horns!

Do you remember what we sing when see this? I'M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN
(and I know you will probably sing, I'm proud to be an American Flag.)

Can you guys believe we saw cowboys who were riding the range?

Well good boys, we love you. We will call you soon. Have fun and be good.


mama and daddy

Sunday, March 08, 2009

pregnancy through my years...

In my life I have had some amazing girl friends.
These are women I have looked to for support, laughter, and friendship;
the kind of friendship that changes your life for the best.
Today's post is about three of my favorite people:

Mandy J-

Because of thier great friendships, I have become a better woman than I otherwise would have been.

Car-Car and I sang in high school choir together. Sleepovers were a weekly occurence. We loved to talk about boys and sit at the piano and belt out "In His Eyes," until all hours of the morning. I drove 14 hours to be at her wedding, and she drove 14 to be at mine. I have letters in my high school year book that she addressed to my future children.

I love her!

Wendy and I were inseparable in college. We laughed together often, and we became best friends through the awesome calling of visiting teaching. She was my encouragment to go on a mission, and she was there at the birth of my first baby. (In fact, she snuck me Taco Bell a few hours after Lincoln was born, when I was supposed to be on all liquids.)

I love her!

Mandy and I have spent more time together than with our husbands these last three years (I say that only half-jokingly) Mandy has been my friend through infertility, the adoption process, Federalist society trips, and painting every room in my house! She has taught me a great deal about the kind of mother I want to be. I know we will be friends forever.

I love her!

I often think how well the Lord knows me to send me these incredible friends who have seen me through some of the hardest and most joyful experiences of my life.

Now, some might still be wondering about the title of this post;
pregnancy through my years,

I will just go on the record of saying I AM NOT PREGNANT.

and, for one of the first times since starting a family,
I am completely happy with that.
I am content with my big boy
and my baby,
and especially, my Sweetheart.

I could not ask for more.

But, I am the proudest best friend because:

Car-Car is due in September with baby number 2

Marinky-Dink is due with her first baby, a boy, in August

And Mandy is due in August.
(and for those of you who are in Nebraska--Mandy did give me permission to post this since she is not going to walk around telling people...)
I love these girls.
I am eternally blessed because of their friendships.
Enjoy motherhood
You were made especially for this!