Thursday, July 03, 2008

Let's give 'em something to smile about

I'd like to thank Joe J. Christensen for this reminder:
How many times in the scriptures does the Lord command us to “be of good cheer” or “lift up your heart and rejoice” and “be exceedingly glad”?

We should remember
that happiness is a commandment
and not merely a suggestion.
This has to be the most marvelous time
in the history of the world to be alive.
It is true—there are many problems.
But there are so many blessings for which we should be grateful.
Of course there are times in our lives when things are so
overwhelming that it is challenging to feel gratitude.
We all face difficulties at some time or another,
and occasionally they are tough.
But in every case,
you probably find out later
that there was something the Lord was teaching you,
something that is or will be of
immense importance in your life.
If right now, or at any time in your life,
you are feeling down, discouraged, depressed,
for whatever reasons,
here is a very practical suggestion.
Take a sheet of blank paper and write on it at random
those things for which you are most grateful.
Write whatever your most important blessings are
in whatever order they come to your mind.
Then after writing the list,
on another sheet of paper
put those blessings in order or priority.
What is your most important blessing?
The second most and so on.
On my list, I had to go down a long way
before I came to any blessing
that could be bought for money.
Our most important blessings are without price.
Also, blessings such as faith, testimony, family, and freedom
were the kind of blessings in defense of which,
if necessary, we would be willing to give our mortal life.

Father gave.

Jesus gave.

And we must give.

There is no other blessing for which we should be more grateful than that of being recipients of the blessings that come through the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ.
Add all of these blessings to your list. Then, on those days when you may not feel like smiling, take out your list and read it and recognize how blessed you are. You will find it easy to smile and to be of good cheer. You will also find it easier to be grateful.