Sunday, August 31, 2008

I believe in magic....

I have put pine-sol in my bath tub.

I have mixed it with
The Works
I let all of those chemicals sit together for hours in my tub to try and get rid of the ring in the tub that was here when we moved in.

then my girl friend here in Nebraska
(whose name I won't mention because she doesn't believe in blogs..heehee...)

bore her solemn testimony of Magic Erasers.

I would like to be a second witness that Magic Erasers are truly magic.

No more ring in my tub. NO MORE RING IN MY TUB!

MY last year in this college city in Nebraska (hopefully) will be full of relaxing baths, thanks to Magic Eraser.

Here's to clean tubs!

with no rings.

Can I get an Amen?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dear Joe


I have seen many examples in my life
where one person has made
a significant difference in the world.

When I emailed all of the
health teachers in our city
(there were a lot of you)
for being the
who welcomed this adoption presentation.
even if only one student is affected....

it will be worth it.
thanks Joe!

My name is Brandi, and I am an adoption advocate in the state of Nebraska. Recently, I have learned of the high school health curriculum, and I am especially interested in the section regarding “Abstinence parameters, and the importance of family, etc…”

As an adoption advocate, I find it essential to share the option of adoption with students who are in the position of having to choose between being a single parent, or aborting. In addition, this presentation offers a healthy solution through a 25-30 minute power point presentation to all students. It discusses the importance of abstinence, and it lays out the cost of having a baby. This is not a presentation aimed at asking students if we can adopt their babies, but rather offering the resources for them to be educated on the subject of adoption.

Recently my husband and I adopted a beautiful baby boy. We are eternally grateful for our young birthmother who decided to make the decision to place her sweet baby boy for adoption. She has graduated high school, and since the placement, she has started college. As she was making her decision to place her baby, she said, “My mom was a single mom, and she had to work so hard just to try and make ends meet. I don’t want to place my baby in day care and work fast food for the rest of my life to try and do the same. Someday I want to get married and have kids, but I can’t do that right now.”

Adoption is a selfless decision that gives babies the hope of the best life in a family with two parents.

Please allow me and my team to share this presentation in your health class. If needed, I can come before and share the power point with anyone who is interested in the presentation.

Thank you for your time,

Joe, if you know
any other teachers
that are willing to listen--
let them know!

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Boys.....

Boys are God's way of letting moms know their houses are too clean...

But, in addition to
the fun in the dirt
and the excitement of
roly poly bugs,
these boys are

This is my only best Sweetheart.

(I love you more than all the kisses in the world...

and you look seriously amazing here after the 14 hours in the car)

This is our sweet Lincoln.
He actually picked these flowers for GrandMookie,
but as soon as he saw Tiny, his first love,
this was the sheepish face we got
when we asked him to smile instead of staring at Tiny.
(TRUE STORY: he fell in love with Tiny when he was 6 months old...
he saw her yawn and it made him laugh.
After repeated yawns he has been completely in love. )
This is our Sweet Baby Henry.
We won't be offended if you tell us he's beautiful....
Lincoln-- what a fun day with you in your fishing gear.
I love your dirty face.
that smile still melts my heart ...

(...and all the peach colored sunsets...) are our angel baby.

(You were worth the wait, Sweet Boy)

These are my boys.

They are good boys.


David, Lincoln, and Henry, I love you.

Tons Bit.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Brewer Family Fun...

In mid-July, the Brewer family had a wonderful reunion! Growing up, we went to Yellowstone, many times, and this summer we were able to share a lifetime of memories with our spouses. We had such a wonderful time, and we look forward to many more years of family gatherings.

Our adventures included white water rafting, "See How They Run," at the Playmill Theatre, Old Faithful, Fishing, steak dinner, the rodeo, moose in our backyard, waiting in our cars for the buffalo to move, and.....

SO. Much. More.

It is important to note here that when we were growing up, and we were on vacation in Yellowstone, all four of us kids got pink eye. We had to find a doctor and get some medicine. So, it was ironic that Lincoln had to go have emergency surgery at the nearest hospital (80 miles away) which resulted in MRSA, and 20 days of antibiotics....

Here are a few of the photos from the trip. We ended up with about 1600 photos, so these next few are just a few of the good times we had!

I think this is how little boys are supposed to look after a long,hard day!

Mom and Sis at the Rodeo!

Lincoln and Cannon played for the first time together.

They became good buddies, and we are sad that they are so far away!

The night of the musical. Now, that is a good looking group!

Henry Louis "Little Louie" meets his Grandpa Louis "Big Louie."

Henry would not stop crying, so Papa explained the blessings that our family will receive as we have Henry sealed to us.

He calmed down.

A very helpful woman, who said she didn't mean to bother us, informed us that the wolf zone at the museum was a quiet zone.

Ummm......4 kids --2 and under?.....nothing is ever a quiet zone!

Papa Taught Lincoln how to fish. Lincoln still walks around the house saying "Click, Click, now Turn, turn, turn."

As you can see, Lincoln and Henry REALLY enjoyed having their pictures taken.

I will love the memories of how life really was during picture time.

We had fun.
We laughed.
We ate.
We shared our testimonies.
WE missed our baby brother and wife.

Can't wait to do it again!