Tuesday, April 14, 2015

3 years

I have kind of dropped off the blogging world for a long time. Here's what has been happening.


Lincoln turned 9 on Sunday February 8.. He is in third grade and his teacher adores him. I am forever grateful that Heavenly Father gave us this handsome boy. He made me a mother, a mom, a mama. He is funny and has a quick wit. He is a good boy. He is starting to skateboard and he is pretty awesome.


Henry is almost 7. He is in kindergarten.  Henry is brilliant at math. He is learning to say his "L"s because of two darling twins in his kindergarten class. He LOVES swimming; even in April. He is very interested in his beautiful birth mother. we are grateful he loves and adores her.

 Jacob: Jakey Snakey; Jake is 4. I can't believe my baby is four. He is in the very top percentile for height and weight. He is speaking fluently and we are so grateful for the people that have been placed in his life to help him achieve the goal of speaking.

This is Ana Gonzalez. She has lived with us since September 2014. In November 2014 she decided on her own that she wanted to get baptized. She will graduate from Westwood in December of 2015. She has had a rough life and seeing her now compared to September is just beautiful.

This is Bobby Ray Johnson. He moved in with us in October, and got baptized in January 2015. He got married on February 15th and he has made great strides in his desire to be a good husband and father.


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